Listing of Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order one of something or do I have to order them in packs of 4 or 5?

You can order just one of any item. You don't have to order them in bulk. If you were a consultant several years ago you may remember that there used to be a minimum but no more minimums!

Is the jewelry worth all the hype?

Absolutely, The jewelry is so amazing.  All of your friends and family will want to know where you got all your wonderful pieces. I am asked almost on a daily basis where I got that cute necklace, or sparkling headband, or  beautifubracelet. Once they find out the $5.00 price, good luck in keeping them out of your home!  

How often does Paparazzi add new inventory?

Paparazzi adds new inventory every week day (Monday through Friday).  The time varies but they do have a brand new sign up feature so they can notify you when new inventory has been added. This means there is an amazing variety we can offer our customers and that our customers keep coming back because our products are always changing! It's a huge plus for a direct sales business and one of the reasons I chose Paparazzi.

What are Paparazzi Blockbusters?

Although Paparazzi's inventory does change almost every day, they do have a collection of about 50 pieces that are staples that you can order most any time (subject to availability)

Do I have to file sales taxes?

Thankfully, no! Paparazzi actually charges us up front for our sales tax (ie we buy the item for $2.75 but they charge us tax on the retail price of $5.00). They file our sales tax each year in our state so we do not have to. Its up to you whether you charge your customers tax to recoup the taxes you pre-paid. Some people do and some don't. 

Is the Paparazzi Accessories web site free or do I have to pay for it?

When you become a consultant, you get a FREE replicated web site with your photo and information and a custom link you can give to your customers. For instance, mine is paparazziaccessories.com/59000. Customers can shop and you will get the commission. You can also set up parties and send a custom link to those. In addition, you can send potential consultants to your site for more information and to join under you. My direct link to join or get more info is: paparazziaccessories.com/join/59000.

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