Compliment Challenge

Compliment challenge

Compliment Challenge
Everyone can relate to having a bad day; car problems, getting stuck in traffic, or just running late to an appointment can put a damper on anyone’s morning. Once the ball gets rolling, it can feel like the rest of the day is only going to go downhill. Have you ever had one of those bad days and a friend, co-worker, or colleague gave you a simple compliment and for some reason that small gesture lifted your spirits and your day seemed to get better? That’s because compliments are powerful gestures that will not only change the momentum and outcome of your day, but more importantly, can reinforce positivity in your life.

The Paparazzi brand is associated with guilt-free shopping and gorgeous accessories, which leads to loads of fun and increased confidence for everyone involved. It is important to incorporate that positivity into your life. One easy way to do this is by giving compliments!

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